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Solar Shades solar window shades in NYC Solar Shades Gallery

These elegant shades feature Phifer SheerWeave sun-control fabric that helps control how much of the sun's glare and heat enters your room. The light-filtering quality of Solar Shades will increase the comfort level of any room. Comes in fabric, vinyl or polyester in a roll-up or roman style.

Roller Shades roller window shades in NYC

These designer roller shades come in a wide variety of customized fabrics (in Traditional, Natural, Soft) as well as a vinyl option. Traditional fabrics are bound to be in style forever, they are classic. Natural fabrics have the look of a material typically woven wood, creating an earthy aesthetic. Lastly, soft fabrics look light and gentle, featured in an array of rich hues.

Motorized Shades Motorized window shades in NYC
Motorized Shades Gallery

Motorized window shades and blinds are especially useful for tall buildings and cathedrals, or any other hard-to-reach structures. With nothing more than a wireless remote, you can manipulate your window covering with one click.

Wood Blinds wood blinds in NYC
Wood Blinds Gallery

This is the optimal choice for all the nature lovers out there. Our Country Woods blinds create a cozy, warm atmosphere and are offered in tons of colors, trims, slat sizes and more. With up to 99% percent UV protection, you can be sure that this choice is not only stylish but safe as well.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades viginette roman shades in NYC
Roman Shades Gallery

This window treatment is in for the long haul – known to last for years, and gracefully endure wear and tear. This fabric provides excellent sun protection and comes in a wide range of colors, from the more modest, classic colors to more bright, stand-out shades.

Honeycomb Shades Honeycomb shades in NYC

The Hunter Douglas Duette collection features single, double or triple honeycomb shades with your choice of a top-down or bottom-up style. Available in sheer, semi-sheer and triple honeycomb fabrics.

Silhouette Blinds Silhouette window shades in NYC
Silhouette Blinds Gallery

Offering excellent sound absorption, UV protection and energy efficiency, these shades have it all. These fabric vanes give you the privacy you need, while consistently delivering elegance and superior light filtration.

Alouette Blinds Pirouette Window shades in NYC

These shadings offer complete privacy and come in 60 different material/color combinations. The fabric is elliptical-shaped and produces a soft, intimate light, as well as filtering out harsh rays of sunlight that have no place inside your home.

Pirouette Blinds Alouette window shades in NYC
Pirouette Shades Gallery

The state-of-the-art invisi-lift system in these shades allows the horizontal fabric to float gently while allowing you to control how much light enters your room. Comes in 44 material/color combinations.

Skyline Blinds Skyline window shades in NYC

Featuring both contemporary and traditional options, Skyline Gliding Window Panels are modern and fashion-forward and come in 187 material/color combinations.

Mini blinds Window shutters in NYC

Perfect for smaller windows, this window treatment comes in micro, mini and macro sizes (ranging from ½” to 2”). With a new soft suede finish, these blinds combine the luxury of that material with saturated, beautiful color choices.

Vertical Blinds Vertical window shades in NYC
Vertical Blinds Gallery

The Somner Collection of vertical blinds is known for being attention-grabbing, sleek and elegant. With the Paramount Contoured Headrail System included, virtually zero light can get in. Soil and dust resistant, these shades stay clean through years of use, and come in 377 material/color combinations.

Roman Shades Roman window shades in NYC
Roman Shades Gallery

Serenade Roman Shades may look just like drapes, but they in fact offer high-tech window technology. Available in classic tear drop and contemporary flat panel.

Shutters Window shutters in NYC
Shutters Gallery

Palm Beach Custom Window Shutters come in three basic systems: standard hinged panel, bi-fold track system and bi-pass track system. Featuring sleek lines and superior UV protection, these shades will make your room like stylish and keep excess light out.

Bamboo Shades Bamboo window shades in NYC

If you want to feel closer to nature, Provenance Woven Wood Shades are the way to go. You can pick from an array of reed, bamboo and grass window shades.

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