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Standard Measuring Procedures
Inside (IB) Mount

  1. Be sure the window opening is deep enough to install the mounting bracket. Refer to the Mounting Charts for recessed mounting depths for each product.
  2. Measure the width inside the window opening at the top, middle and bottom. The top measurement is critical because the head rail must fit. The top measurement should always be the ordered width. Vertical applications require a top measurement only;
    middle and bottom measurements are not required.
  3. Measure the height inside the window opening at the left, right and center.
  4. Measure the window on the diagonal. If the 2 diagonal dimensions are not exactly the same, it may be necessary to specify an outside mount for optimal light control and privacy.
  5. The ordered width should ensure a precise fit for the head rail and allow proper operation of the shade. If widths in the window vary, order the minimum width necessary to allow the shade to go up and down.
  6. The ordered height should ensure clean operation at the base of the window as well as provide maximum privacy and light control. If heights in the window vary, order the shortest height for vertical treatments and the longest height for horizontal treatments except Silhouette„ and Nantucket„ shadings, where the shortest height should be ordered to allow for full rotation of the bottom rail.

Outside (OB) Mount

  1. Measure the desired width and height. To minimize light leakage, the shade should overlap the window opening at least 2" on each side and at the bottom. Refer to the Mounting Charts for recommended overlaps for each product.
  2. When measuring the height, take into account the requirements for mounting the bracket attachment. areas for over 8 years.

Measuring Dos and Don'ts

  1. Do always measure the exact window intended for the treatment. Each window opening is unique.
  2. Do always use a 3/4" or 1" steel tape measure.
  3. Do measure the width and write it down; then measure the height and write it down.
  4. Do measure to the nearest 1/8" (except all shutter products, measure to the nearest 1/16").
  5. Do follow all product specific instructions in this guide.
  6. Don't assume a window is square.
  7. Don't take any deductions. Factory deductions will vary based on product and mounting selection. Please refer to individual product specifications or contact your fabricator for more information.
  8. Standard measuring procedures apply to all products that fit rectangular windows unless otherwise specified.
  9. Careful attention must be given to each measurement; measurements that pertain to the mounting areas (headrails) are critical and must
    be accurate.
  10. Specialty shapes and applications require special measuring procedures. Some are outlined in these pages; however, when in doubt, please contact your fabricator or have a professional installer measure for a trouble-free installation.

Inside Mount or Outside Mount?
Inside (IB) Mount € Shade fits within window frame. Outside (OB) Mount € Shade overlaps window opening. Be sure to add the desired overlap amount to each side and then add to the total ordered width when ordering an outside mount shade. End (EB) Mount € Shade is mounted at the top left and right side corners.

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