Solar Shades Strivers Row NYC

Solar Shades Strivers Row NYC

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Prestigious Blinds has been servicing NYC and the greater New York area for many years with a variety of different custom window adornments including blinds, shades, shutters, silhouettes, custom drapery and solar shades. We carry window blinds in many different materials such as wood, aluminum and fibers so that you are given the freedom of expression when decorating your home. With the variety of materials and colors, you will be sure to find the styles that best fit your home. One of our most popular window products is the Strivers Row NYC solar shades.

Solar Shades are shades that filter light in order to reduce glare and the increase of infrared heat as well as provide some daytime privacy and shade from the hot rays of the sun. In reducing glare, these shades reduce the amount of UV rays that enter your home, therefore reducing the fading of furniture, carpets and artwork. The decrease in infrared heat also means that you save on your air conditioning bill because your AC is no longer overworking. Solar shades in Strivers Row NYC are a great way to lower bills, keep your rooms at a normal temperature and create a little more privacy for you, your family or your office.

At Prestigious Blinds, our shades technicians have the knowledge and expertise to install and maintain Strivers Row NYC solar shades. Whether you are looking for solar shades installation in your home or office, you can be sure that we will “redefine the light” that enters your property. With a variation of color and designs you can continue to style your rooms with these shades. The following is a list of locations

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Solar Shades Strivers Row NYC