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Solar Shades in Manhattan

The sun streaming into your windows in Manhattan is an opportunity in many ways. With the right amount of light filtered into your home, you will be able to warm your house and have great visibility without ever touching the thermostat or a light switch. However, your average shades or blinds will not be enough to help you use sunlight to your advantage. To enjoy the full benefits that the sun provides, Prestigious Blinds offers solar shades for Manhattan residents.

At Prestigious Blinds, we have been providing New York City residents with blinds, window treatments and all types of window shades in NYC for nearly 10 years. The sun is a free resource and everyone should take advantage of it as much as possible. Our innovative solar shades allow Manhattan residents to:

  • Stay environmentally friendly
  • Filter light
  • Maintain visibility
  • Enjoy the full benefits that the sun provides
  • Save money on heating and lighting expenses

Our experts will visit your home or business in Manhattan to determine the solar shades that will be the best for your specific lighting and heating needs. All our window shade services in Manhattan are guaranteed to bring 100% satisfaction!

Do not put up with a bothersome glare coming into your rooms, but take advantage of the on the many opportunities the sun affords. Let our window shade experts in Manhattan set you up with a filter that will bring you the best of both worlds!

To learn more about our solar shades in Manhattan and to receive a free solar shades quote, call Prestigious Blinds today at 718-887-8579.

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Solar Shades Manhattan | Solar Window Shades Manhattan